The Team

Meet the team

Steve 'big hammer' Gilkes

Steve ‘big hammer’ Gilkes

The ‘red neck’ at the Gooseneck is ‘ big hammer’ Steve Gilkes. Steve, who learnt to ride a bike the day after he could walk, is one of life’s true bikers with his collection of over 20 bikes, some that even live indoors! Steve is the team’s main man, mechanic, pit crew chief and all round great guy!


Ray 'Bananaman' Stevens

Ray ‘Bananaman’ Stevens

Let us introduce to you the one and only Ray ‘Bananaman’ Stevens. Ray who agrees with us ‘normal’ people that you can never have enough bikes, has a fine collection of Italian bikes and always at hand with his ‘works’ cloth to lend a hand in the pits! Ray’s wife Julie is always on hand in the pits too and a dab hand at making bacon butties and making sure the team are fed and watered!

Stuart 'the helmet polisher' Jackson

Stuart ‘the helmet polisher’ Jackson

Stu ‘the helmet polisher’ Jackson, owner of KC Auto Colours, has been a long term sponsor of Steve, back as far as his BSB days in the late nineties. Stu also races motocross and enduro with Old Moods.

Mrs ‘ Gob on a stick’ Moods

Last but by no means the quietest, is Elaine ‘pitstop’ Moody, AKA ‘Gob on a Stick’ and Mr Moody’s ‘one who must be obeyed’. Elaine who insists on naming her bikes, rides a Triumph Street Triple RX named Silver on the road and off-road, rides a YZ85, loving known to all as Jack Russell! Elaine, the self-appointed team manager, looks after all the team’s PR work and mechanise, and writes the world famous race reports! Elaine now has her own race bikes Bessie May, Elsie and Tom the R3 and with her newly acquired ACU licence taken to the race track as sidecar passenger and solo rider alongside Old Moods on the grid! 

And lets no forget Kevin the Doodle, the paddock pup! Named after the legend Kevin Schantz and now team mascot!